Sustainability is all the buzz at the moment
and that’s no surprise to us. After all, there is no Planet B right?
In fact, our research has shown that a lot of you are already doing your bit with 85% of Australians already doing some action in the last 12 months to reduce their impact on the environment. Now you’ve probably already thought about cutting down on single-use plastic or turning off the lights when you leave the house or maybe you’re even considering going vegetarian. Today, though, we want to give you a run down of four unusual ways to reduce your impact
that you might have not thought about before! So first up, we’re going to talk to you about – Superannuation Now Super is something everybody has,
but nobody really talks about it. But why does your super matter for the environment? Well, I like to think of my Super as a pile of money that is being invested on my behalf. Now consider that a lot of super funds are investing your money in things like fossil fuels and industries that cause deforestation.
These things can be very damaging to the environment so your superannuation investment choices
can have a bigger impact than you might think. But there is a silver lining here – switching your super
has never been easier and there are some great green options out there like Australian Ethical
and Future Super. And even some of the biggest super funds out there like Australian Super have socially conscious investment options available Amazingly, research has shown that just 7.7% of superannuation could fund 100% renewable power in Australia by 2030. Talk about the power of the people! Next up – we have your energy plan
The energy you use day-to-day is likely to be one of the biggest parts of your carbon
footprint, but surprisingly, our research shows less than 10% of Australians have opted
for a green energy plan You can buy from a carbon neutral energy provider
that will offset the environmental impact of your energy usage such as late night Netflix binges. Great options here include Powershop and Energy Locals. Or you can opt for a plan with ‘GreenPower’. This is the government scheme which puts some of the money you pay for energy towards government-approved renewable energy productions Many providers offer this as an option so definitely worth considering Now when I speak to people about these green power options, there is a common misconception that these come at a much high price but actually find that they are not as expensive as you might think Here at Finder HQ, we recently switched our own energy plan We opted for a carbon neutral provider and not only we are now getting greener energy but came out 20% cheaper than our old plan Now, o the Government-backed GreenPower side of things, it’s good to know that you don’t have to go all in. You can choose plans that have 100% green power, 50% green power or even as low as 10% green power depending on the provider. That way it’s not breaking the bank if you’re a little strapped for cash as our calculations show that a 10% GreenPower plan will cost the average household less than $1 a week extra Now that’s a small price to pay to help future-proof Australia. Now we’re going to take a look at your car There are a couple of green choices you can make here. First, the car itself and how you buy it. When you think of going green with your car, hybrid and electric vehicles probably spring to mind but what you probably don’t know is that buying an eco-friendly car can actually save you money. If you’re using a car loan, some lenders such as will offer a better interest rate if your car qualifies
as green and that can amount to thousands of dollars of savings over the life of the
car – not to mention what you’d save in fuel costs in a fuel efficient vehicle.
Another thing to look at here is your car insurance Now nsurance and going green aren’t two things you’d typically put in the same basket but
companies like Huddle are attempting to fix that If you buy your car insurance through Huddle they’ll offset 100% of the carbon emissions
from driving that car And that’s pretty amazing if you ask me Next up is the money you’re stashing away
for a rainy day If you’re looking to make a little bit of
money out of your extra cash, or savings, you’ll be happy to know that you can help
the environment out while you’re at it First up, you have the option to save money
in the world’s first Green Term Deposit with UBank.
The UBank Green Term Deposit will use your savings to fund a portfolio of renewable energy
projects such as wind farms, solar energy and low carbon buildings. It also recently
won the Green Innovation Award at the 2019 Finder Awards so you know it’s legit.
And if you’re looking to build your wealth there are now more than 50 ethical managed
funds and exchange traded funds available in Australia that you can invest in to suit
your ethical criteria. Plus, there’s a growing number of micro-investing apps such as Raiz
and CommSec Pocket that have ethical fund options to make responsible investing easier for you. So there you have it! We hope we’ve shown
you some more unusual ways to do your bit for the environment. It could be as simple as switching your super or opting for a car insurer that will offset your carbon emissions If you’ve made any of these switches already
or if you have some more tips on how Aussies can go green, leave a comment below
To find out more about any of the options mentioned in the video today, check the description & if you want to find more sustainable products then be sure to check out the section of our site Finder Green