I know you wait for this video every month 3 stocks I’m buying – March 2019 If you are new to this channel, please consider subscribing I made one new video every day about the stock market about investing and about entrepreneurship to help you become a better investor Before I tell you about the free stocks, which I’m going to buy this month I want to make two points clear with you The first one is that you should not be buying stocks that I’m recommending It’s not because I’m recommending a stock than you should be buying it It’s not if someone on seeking alpha 1 Gruber go on CNBC or anywhere else is recommending a stock that you should be buying English It’s not because one of the Fed is recommending and stuff is – stuff that you should be backing it It should make your own research. You should only investment companies which you understand I don’t want anyone telling me Later after the birth a particular stock because I recommended it and now they are not getting the results which they were expecting it happened before with me someone invested in failure because I suggested Spero we are as a good investment, and then they were not getting the results the second point that I want to talk about is that it’s not only these stocks which I’m going to buy in March 2019 a Branded advance is the market force and there are so many stocks which are at the great parts. Of course I’m going to buy these companies for example in December of last year in November lost iPod shares of up to Seven companies during this period and that’s said today. I suggest that this particular stock is a good investment for more 2019, but tomorrow this same stock There’s something that happens to it and the price goes up by 10% That doesn’t mean that I’m going to buy the stock anymore because it’s maybe it has gone too expensive now And it’s not a good opportunity anymore So you should be careful with all of that and I’m always buying Shares of other companies just to readjust my portfolio if I’m buying shares of a particular company Maybe other shares of another one just to readjust the fulfill you like these things like that all the time So it’s not that when I’m telling that are buying these restores, I’m only buying this But if I had to choose only free that these would be the free first one, which I’m buying is Berkshire Hathaway So you are asking yourself. Why would anyone buy shares of Asha to be you could just go and buy shares of Apple or better America OS for group coca-cola all these companies why invest in Berkshire Hathaway because this investment portfolio burns the fat why not just copy his Investment portfolio the reason why I want the messenger shock. It’s not because of the investment Book value of the stock code for you I’m investing in Berkshire Hathaway because of the insurance That infrared and also the railroad I have three insurance companies in my portfolio travelers group Mini-live insurance company and also aliens we travel as good I’m expecting a false cross because they don’t pay such a high dividend So they can accrue but manipulate rents and announced the growth of steady, but slow rate So it’s a good these stocks of good for dividends, but I want another insurance company We can’t go after the fall straight. And of course, I’m looking at Berkshire Hathaway because dr Lee has really good fundamentals if you consider only the in transport another reason like I mentioned while it’s active is a good investment right now is because of the world wars I already have Investments in the Union Pacific, but the program with the Union Pacific was dr. It to reach the over price point and it was too expensive and I saw other shares because I saw that I did not buy it at a good enough Low price to be able to maintain a long position enough on this and still make a huge profit So that’s why I decided to sell all the shares I made about 20% profit. It was enough for me However, I still want to read from railroads and I think the best way to do that right now is with BNSF Which is owned by the shaft, which is fully owned by Berkshire Hathaway So Berkshire Hathaway and the diamond is at a great price and that’s why Warren Buffett has been buying back shares of Berkshire Hathaway As we know it’s a something common focal chart way to buy out back their own and also one perfectly steady That’ll be a big massive acquisition and asset side acquisition in 2019. He Told yet, which company it is, but mushroom is a private company And of course, I’m waiting for that and this this oceans will make good portal Burchard to me Now if we just go to the investment portfolio, of course It’s a blast but not completely but it’s not everything like I said both of the revenue of the company most of the cup of the company comes from the non investment book for your power investing English after we will also give you exposure to Banking because I say thank you the best sector to invest right now I’ve been investing in the banks, but I don’t want to have so many backs in my portfolio Just not the truth if you want the best part and invest in them, but one of effect From what I can see he’s been in the banking sector itself not just a particular bank and has been investing in so many different there and I want to get this exposure in the industry itself and the another reason to invest in the traffic Ii stock combined in March 2019 is the Morgan Stanley I’ve been buying shares of Morgan is in September of last year and I would quite a lot of shares It’s one of the my largest Holdings at the time being but eventually of the the stock market correction I stopped buying because I was buying shares of Apple and Facebook Mainly and also Phillips 66 van energy. I was buying all this company they are the Better companies to buy but looking back at Morgan Stanley is still at the great person The process kept folding since its September even since before that the price was fully and it kept fully and again That will be further excursion in the banking sector which are we talking about? I also was buying a Goldman Sachs last month and most probably I’m going to add more positions to for my socks, too And the third stock which are buying in Boston tonight in his BMW Recently be under a relative to create the romesco. Of course. This will complete with Tesla He says in the chairman of the industry has been going through a rough time. If you do not just at BMW But Adam after the words fuckin group all these companies even Porsche all these companies There are very few rough times You will see that the stock has been fully but this is a great opportunity because if you look at just beyond the world view The company has a profit margin of 8% This is the highest in the of the industry and They have one of the highest brand value of any of the car companies we have brands such as rose rose and Mimi right now with a p/e ratio of six a brass per book of 0.87 any brass percent of 0.5? I think it’s a great opportunity to buy BMW because this company is going to make electric cars in the coming years They already partner it with Eva and they are going to make a quick cause of their own It’s not just Tesla which is going to make electric cars Of course, I noticed last going to dominate the market But if you look at the investment, there’s a great company But it doesn’t look at it as a great investment for me at the time for the time being I believe that if you want to bet on electric cars and autonomous vehicles the best Stock back on his brw instead of Tesla. So let me know in the comments Which doctor are you going to buy in verse 20 19. Thank you for watching this video please like subscribe and share subscribe to one new video every day about the stock market about investing and our Entrepreneurship to help you become a better investor. Have a nice day and good. Bye