Jim, tell us, what are the building blocks
of a reinsurance program? Well, I guess there’s three parts of it. The
first part is the reinsurance company. You need the insurance company or the direct writer.
The fully capitalized, preferably A-rated company in the U.S. that issues the insurance
policy. So that’s number one. But that company has to be agreeable to reinsuring the business
into your reinsurance company on the tail end. And I guess that’s part number three
as far as what I’m saying. But then you need part number two, which is basically either
the boring part, or the necessities for having an insurance program. And that’s the ability
to design the policy, to issue the policy, to administer the policy, and to pay the claims
on the policy. You need all those building blocks. And if anybody knows me, they know
that I’m kind of a nerd, and I like technology. And we have spent a great amount of money
developing the technology for the distribution of our product. So we’ve got the front end
and the back end, but I’m as proud of the middle part as anything. And people have heard
what we’ve coined the term of our software. About five years ago, we knew we needed a
better way of inputting certificates when a dealer produced business. And we were having
trouble with the DMS providers, everybody is aware of what the DMS providers are, and
we developed an online entry system five years ago. And where are we located? Our home office
is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were looking for a good name for it. O.L.E. Online Entry.
What the heck. Our system is called Olé. And now we have all the dealers that we do
business with have the ability to input their policies through Olé directly into our system
so they have immediate real-time introduction of their polices. We also have DMS integration,
and we’re in the process of trying to make an arrangement with every DMS provider, so
that the dealers also have the option of DMS integration as well as Olé. We do a lot of
used car business. And so the used car dealers, they don’t have the sophisticated DMS systems
like the new car dealers do. So Olé is a definite benefit to them, as far as putting
their policies on the system. So we love technology, and we think we’re good at it, and we’ve had
fun doing it.